It’s a magical girl sci-fi comedy comic strip by Joi Massat. Updates every weekday!

Has nothing to do with the schlocky movie of the almost-same name. (Which doesn’t have Jeff in it.)

Toddlers Beware! This Cutesy Comic is Rated PG-13

Intercosmic politics, not to mention our heroes, might be morally suspect.

Also, people say “fuck” sometimes.



Mysterious creature in the shape of a man. What is Jeff planning? (he)

Likes: The startling power of intellect
Dislikes: Potatoes in milk


The hero of the story, I guess? (she/they)

Likes: Law and order
Dislikes: Cabbage


Of a calm and hardy nature. Transforms into Lover Behenia the Jetter Pink. (she)

Likes: Love, life, and friendship
Dislikes: Rabbits (they bite)


A steadfast stunner. Transforms into Law Starshot the Jetter Blue. (they)

Likes: Illusions of freedom
Dislikes: Concept of death


Brusque kid who wants answers to this space alien mess. (he?)

Likes: Knowledge and power
Dislikes: The texture of oatmeal


A child and card-carrying villain from the Planet of Hearts. (she?)

Likes: Fun, games, striking fear into the public mind
Dislikes: Uh, losing, probably

Mr. Tanner

Not a very good teacher. (he)

Likes: Algebra more than English
Dislikes: Worms. Like, do they have souls???

Black Horse

Some sort of…weird horse?????