It’s March 14th! You know what that means…it’s St. Patrick’s Day (three days from now)!!!!!

Many little things are happening:

  • I’m on break right now, but I’m prepping a special surprise for March 31st. What could it be? It’s…it’s…..! Okay, it’s character profiles, plus some advance chapters that you’ll be able to get via Patreon. That will tide us over until…
  • Cluster Four! I’m finishing up Cluster Four as we speak, and I’m really excited about it. If the frenetic energy of #3 was like “phooph,” this time it’s like “…PHOOPH.” That make sense? Anyway, it’s fun stuff!
  • I added a bookmarking feature to the site (at the top of the page right below the ad). Basically, if you leave off on a strip and you click on that, you can save your place and go back there later. This is what video game people call a “quality of life improvement.”
  • I fixed many minor website and image errors today, and it took way too long, but it was worth it. (I CAN’T BELIEVE I let one page be flat-out broken, for weeks! But that issue is no more.)
  • I have to read a short story collection for class that I dislike.

Well, that’s all…all, that is, until March 31st. So check back soon…and thanks for reading!

Print out the image below and put it on your cubicle wall so that you never have to feel uninspired again: